понедельник, 16 ноября 2020 г.

Sphere 3

For a very long period of time, the developer of STUDIO 61, known to us thanks to the games "Avatarika" and "Sphere 3", remained in the shadows for a long time. The company released its last project back in 2015 and has not announced any projects for three years. But unexpectedly for everyone, the developer published the news about the release of a major update for their eponymous MMORPG with the subtitle "Rage of the Crusher". This news became partly shocking for the Russian-speaking community, since the game was released a long time ago and a few years later they decided to release an update to it. Therefore, the topic for our conversation will be that same global update. Let's start with history, the game takes place in a fictional world where you traditionally have to fight the forces of evil. The main task of the protagonist is to collect as large an army as possible and raid other kingdoms. As elsewhere, you have to choose a class based on the abilities of the main characters. A distinctive feature of the "sphere" is the choice of characters; few games of this genre can boast such a huge variety of heroes. Therefore, we have no doubt that you will find war to your liking. In general, the story of the game ends on this, for pumping you will have to perform classic tasks of the type: "Go to the forest, kill the monster", "Fight off the raid of bandits and help civilians." The game also has additional tasks, the purpose of which is to find ancient artifacts and boss battles. Domestic MMO is very different from other representatives of a similar genre. Take Line 2 for example, both games came out at the same time. But in the second one feels the approach and quality work of the developer. In our game, we did not meet this.

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a popular  arcade game tank simulator in the setting of World War II, which won the hearts of millions of gamers around the world. Unforgettable battles on realistic armored vehicles in the hottest parts of the known map await you. Destroy all enemy tanks using your unique tactics! You have in your hands the largest selection of historically accurate combat vehicles with a wide range of characteristics. What will you choose: a maneuverable light tank or a heavy, slow-moving giant that demolishes everything in its path? We join the battles immediately, without the tedious missions of single modes! The sight on the screen allows you to determine the path of the projectile to the target. You can adjust the shooting accuracy using the shift button, switching to sniper mode. Using the numeric keypad, switch the type of shells: • armor-piercing; • high-explosive; • sub-caliber;

• premium; 
Tanks LT, ST, TT, PT ACS, self-propelled guns used in this team game are good, each in its own way, so the individuality of the strategy of each player plays a big role. Especially a lot depends on well-coordinated team play. Basically, the entire gameplay is based on the confrontation between two teams of 15 users each. The main goal, regardless of the chosen mode and nation, is to destroy all enemy tanks.


More and more, novice developers are experimenting with new genres. As a rule, they take a ready-made development as a basis and remake it in a new way. Today we will talk about such a project as "Malinovka" from a novice developer MalinovkaTeam. The name of the game is not accidental, because the action of the game takes place in the familiar expanses of our vast country. In its genre, the game resembles a role-playing MMORPG, where each player can find something to their liking. The main feature of this game is its style. A domestic developer has specially recreated a simulator about life in Russia. As you travel through the location, you will meet familiar cities, rivers, steppes and other sights. The game is currently in open beta testing, so you can play this extravagant simulator right now. The project was released on February 22, 2019, and to this day, the developer releases new monthly patches. Expanding the possibilities for the players every time, the developer equates the game with real life.

At first, this idea may seem out of the ordinary, it would seem who would dream of playing a real life simulator? It is on this that the developer's attention was focused, few people in real life dare to take certain actions. Therefore, you can easily implement some ideas in an online game. After launching, you will be able to select a hero. Ever wanted to be on guard? Then we take a police officer and fight crime. Do you want to go on a long trip across Russia, to see the beauty and unexplored corners of our homeland? Choosing a trucker and making money on transportation. Have you dreamed of saving people's lives? A doctor or an EMERCOM employee will definitely suit you. There are no restrictions and prohibitions here, do what you cannot do in reality. Ever wanted to go down a slippery slope? Join a gang and gain authority, keeping the whole city in fear. The game has a character leveling system, you need to monitor your well-being, buy clothes, food, basic necessities, and so on. Get your own home and car, start a business or become a deputy. It all depends on you, no one will condemn for the way of your life. During the day you can be a gopnik, and in the evening deliver food to those in need. Working voice chat allows you to keep in touch with other players. The social aspect here is debugged to the maximum, so communication with other players will make the process more realistic. As for the process of the game itself, it very much reminds us of the classic mod for GTA: San Andreas.

World of Warships

World of Warships is an  MMO  project from Wargaming dedicated  to warships  of the Second World War. Yes, the developers swung at three elements at once: earth ( World of Tanks ), air (World of Warplanes) and water (World of Warships). Fans of this series will already seem familiar with the credits used in World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, which will allow you to quickly acclimate and unite three accounts. 
The graphics capabilities of the game are at the highest level, and the dynamic weather changes and realistic maps make the game especially enjoyable. Dare and take part in the largest sea battle online!

All the beauty of the game is in a huge selection of realistic ship models. Famous aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers and many others have been recreated in the smallest detail in virtual space. At the same time, there are branches of their development, which means that each ship can be improved at its discretion. 
At the very beginning, the player has a chance to choose which country he will fight on, and each country has its own available fleet list. 
The authors of the game are constantly adding new nations and replenishing the project with new content. In this regard, even a seasoned sailor, it will always be interesting to try something new.

Royal quest

Royal Quest is an interesting  MMORPG where technology, magic and alchemy are closely intertwined. Warlocks, in their desire to obtain the rare witch mineral Elenium, threaten the peaceful life of Aura. The king needs the help of brave heroes, otherwise the souls of ordinary mortals will become a weapon of dangerous black magic. Initially, you need to decide on the class of our hero. In the beginning there are four of them: swordsman, archer, magician and thief. Once you reach level 20, you will be able to choose a class specialization, which, in fact, turns four classes into eight. For example, swordsmen become either crusaders or dark knights, arrows become hunters or snipers, mages become wizards or warlocks, and thieves become robbers or assassins. 

In addition to the beloved battle with mobs, you can successfully hone your skills on real opponents in exciting  PvP , which, by the way, is worthy of rewards. In general, the combat system in the project is at a level, convenient and moderately difficult to master.