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More and more, novice developers are experimenting with new genres. As a rule, they take a ready-made development as a basis and remake it in a new way. Today we will talk about such a project as "Malinovka" from a novice developer MalinovkaTeam. The name of the game is not accidental, because the action of the game takes place in the familiar expanses of our vast country. In its genre, the game resembles a role-playing MMORPG, where each player can find something to their liking. The main feature of this game is its style. A domestic developer has specially recreated a simulator about life in Russia. As you travel through the location, you will meet familiar cities, rivers, steppes and other sights. The game is currently in open beta testing, so you can play this extravagant simulator right now. The project was released on February 22, 2019, and to this day, the developer releases new monthly patches. Expanding the possibilities for the players every time, the developer equates the game with real life.

At first, this idea may seem out of the ordinary, it would seem who would dream of playing a real life simulator? It is on this that the developer's attention was focused, few people in real life dare to take certain actions. Therefore, you can easily implement some ideas in an online game. After launching, you will be able to select a hero. Ever wanted to be on guard? Then we take a police officer and fight crime. Do you want to go on a long trip across Russia, to see the beauty and unexplored corners of our homeland? Choosing a trucker and making money on transportation. Have you dreamed of saving people's lives? A doctor or an EMERCOM employee will definitely suit you. There are no restrictions and prohibitions here, do what you cannot do in reality. Ever wanted to go down a slippery slope? Join a gang and gain authority, keeping the whole city in fear. The game has a character leveling system, you need to monitor your well-being, buy clothes, food, basic necessities, and so on. Get your own home and car, start a business or become a deputy. It all depends on you, no one will condemn for the way of your life. During the day you can be a gopnik, and in the evening deliver food to those in need. Working voice chat allows you to keep in touch with other players. The social aspect here is debugged to the maximum, so communication with other players will make the process more realistic. As for the process of the game itself, it very much reminds us of the classic mod for GTA: San Andreas.

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