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Royal quest

Royal Quest is an interesting  MMORPG where technology, magic and alchemy are closely intertwined. Warlocks, in their desire to obtain the rare witch mineral Elenium, threaten the peaceful life of Aura. The king needs the help of brave heroes, otherwise the souls of ordinary mortals will become a weapon of dangerous black magic. Initially, you need to decide on the class of our hero. In the beginning there are four of them: swordsman, archer, magician and thief. Once you reach level 20, you will be able to choose a class specialization, which, in fact, turns four classes into eight. For example, swordsmen become either crusaders or dark knights, arrows become hunters or snipers, mages become wizards or warlocks, and thieves become robbers or assassins. 

In addition to the beloved battle with mobs, you can successfully hone your skills on real opponents in exciting  PvP , which, by the way, is worthy of rewards. In general, the combat system in the project is at a level, convenient and moderately difficult to master.

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