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Sphere 3

For a very long period of time, the developer of STUDIO 61, known to us thanks to the games "Avatarika" and "Sphere 3", remained in the shadows for a long time. The company released its last project back in 2015 and has not announced any projects for three years. But unexpectedly for everyone, the developer published the news about the release of a major update for their eponymous MMORPG with the subtitle "Rage of the Crusher". This news became partly shocking for the Russian-speaking community, since the game was released a long time ago and a few years later they decided to release an update to it. Therefore, the topic for our conversation will be that same global update. Let's start with history, the game takes place in a fictional world where you traditionally have to fight the forces of evil. The main task of the protagonist is to collect as large an army as possible and raid other kingdoms. As elsewhere, you have to choose a class based on the abilities of the main characters. A distinctive feature of the "sphere" is the choice of characters; few games of this genre can boast such a huge variety of heroes. Therefore, we have no doubt that you will find war to your liking. In general, the story of the game ends on this, for pumping you will have to perform classic tasks of the type: "Go to the forest, kill the monster", "Fight off the raid of bandits and help civilians." The game also has additional tasks, the purpose of which is to find ancient artifacts and boss battles. Domestic MMO is very different from other representatives of a similar genre. Take Line 2 for example, both games came out at the same time. But in the second one feels the approach and quality work of the developer. In our game, we did not meet this.

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