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World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a popular  arcade game tank simulator in the setting of World War II, which won the hearts of millions of gamers around the world. Unforgettable battles on realistic armored vehicles in the hottest parts of the known map await you. Destroy all enemy tanks using your unique tactics! You have in your hands the largest selection of historically accurate combat vehicles with a wide range of characteristics. What will you choose: a maneuverable light tank or a heavy, slow-moving giant that demolishes everything in its path? We join the battles immediately, without the tedious missions of single modes! The sight on the screen allows you to determine the path of the projectile to the target. You can adjust the shooting accuracy using the shift button, switching to sniper mode. Using the numeric keypad, switch the type of shells: • armor-piercing; • high-explosive; • sub-caliber;

• premium; 
Tanks LT, ST, TT, PT ACS, self-propelled guns used in this team game are good, each in its own way, so the individuality of the strategy of each player plays a big role. Especially a lot depends on well-coordinated team play. Basically, the entire gameplay is based on the confrontation between two teams of 15 users each. The main goal, regardless of the chosen mode and nation, is to destroy all enemy tanks.

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